Kingdoms of Ahln MUD Server

If you would like create and run a MUD rather than playing one, you are welcome to use the server which powers Kingdoms of Ahln, which is called KAMS. This comes with no areas and minimal object types.

The current status of the server is very beta, so use at your own risk.



KAMS requires the following

Tested on:

and the latest EventMachine.

Latest Stable Release

KAMS 0.3.0

Please see the included README for information about installation and setup.

Latest Source

The public repository for the latest and greatest is available here. It may be in an unstable state. Fork away.


If you are trying to figure things out, first read the README and the server documentation.
Information about adminstrator commands can be found using the AHELP commnad.

A real-life manual will be forthcoming, as there is a lot of stuff to document and a lot of nonobvious things you might need to know.
As it stands, there is a single section written: Creating a new command.


If you are having any issues or problems or have any questions feel free to ask on the forums.

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